About David

David K. Smith

I am the new face to the East Texas home inspection industry.  I am a husband and father of four as well as a recently retired 20 year veteran of the Longview Fire Department.  After graduating from with honors from Paris High School, I completed my education at the prestigious Austin College with a degree in both Economics and Business Administration.





I began my career in the construction industry working

hands on with both builders and general contractors

 therefore, I have vast array of knowledge in all aspects of this business.  My experience allows me to look for deficiencies and also recognize quality workmanship.

  Also, my career as a firefighter has also given me the ability inspect commercial businesses and residential structures alike.  I have been trained by some of the most qualified and recognized inspectors in the industry and received my certification from one of the top rated schools in the nation in home inspection. 


I  realize that performing a complete and thorough inspection is important for my clients because buying a home is one of the biggest investments you will make as a consumer.  Being aware of potential issues beforehand will help with ones choice and peace of mind knowing they are making a good decision.


  • I live and work locally

  • Reports completed quickly; usually by 8 am next morning

  • Encourage questions from buyer when going over inspection

  • I am a certified inspector with the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors, the Nations’ premier inspector association

  • I am a licensed professional inspector by the Texas Real Estate Commission

  • Have use of Supra Key

  • I follow the Standards of Practice set forth by the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors

  • Licensed Professional Inspector, State of Texas

  • Fully insured against General Liability and Errors and Omissions

  • I have a strong construction background

  • I not only understand how systems work; I also understand how they fail

  • Over 19 years inspection experience 

  • Licensed Texas Irrigator 2006

  • Will do a thorough job

  • Physically able to do a thorough job

                One may not think inspecting as a demanding job but to work in the Texas 

                heat to perform a thorough inspection as well as spend

                appropriate amount of time in attic requires one to be in

                good physical shape.  Being a fire fighter as well as a

                very structured individual keeps me very active with

                weight training, caveman/cross fit as well as the love

                for running.  I will get in, under and on top of it if physically

                possible.  I get on roofs when they are burning.... I certainly

                will on any given Texas day. 

  • I give you pertinent information, so you can decide what is important to you

  • Strong computer background

  • I work weekends 

  • Longview Fire Fighter/Paramedic 19+ years.  And yes, I do get on roofs.


Everyone that has seen my reports know that I like to take pictures.  Here are a few videos that I have taken while I'm on duty.    Enjoy!

I helped with a little addition to fire station 3.  Outdoor kitchen with poured concrete counter tops, sink, grill installation, and alot of tile

Family owned through love and support
Family of 6.  Our kids are very active in all aspects of school.  My wife and I try to support our children as they have grown through their own talents and determination.  We are extremely proud of them and we are excited to see what the future holds for them.  We know they will be successful in anything that they strive to accomplish.
I want to thank my wife Dusty for allowing me to work as much as I do.  I am a career fireman that works 2 full time jobs.  I absolutely would not be as successful as I have been with my inspection business without her.  She never complains about how much I work and she supports me in all that I do.   She is the hardest working, loving, and reliable person that I have ever known. 

Phone: (903)576-0215

2 Pettit Circle

White Oak, Texas  75693

 Licensed TREC 21666 
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