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Because problems that affect your property aren't always obvious to those without the right training and experience

No house is perfect. That is why a home inspection within your option period is necessary to find important issues and/or problems with the home or residential property that you plan to purchase.  A thorough inspection will not only uncover obvious issues, but hidden problems that are not always visible without the proper tools and training.   Inspectors all follow same guidelines with written reports given with each inspection.  My reports are almost all custom.  I will write about deficiencies noted for this one particular home.  I pride myself on my thorough inspections and my thorough reports.  Generic reports given out by most allow ease for the inspector writing report.  This isn't always best for the buyer who may not understand inspection or home jargon.  I use ALOT of pictures and sometimes I have been said to use too many.  But I never leave any doubt about where an area of deficiency is and I try to tell as much about that particular issue that relate to that particular home.  A walk around property after an inspection is a great way to see and hear any possible issues found with the report to follow.

A full home inspection will cover:



Heating and Cooling



Water Heaters

Kitchen Appliances

Grading and drainage



Interior and exterior walls

Doors and windows

Ceiling and floors

Fireplaces and chimneys

And much more

  • Reports out by next 


  • Fireman, police, military,

and medical field discounts ($100

dollars off inspection

Professional courtesy was a 

way of life for me on duty 

as well as off.